I'm not sure what Penny is trying to do.

Myrick seems disappointed.

Beer is prohibited before 4:00.

It's time to go now.

Bacteria are everywhere.

Patrick did some odd jobs for me.

He filled up the hole in the wall.

I'm sure she has other skills.


Let me hold your hand.

Where's Kirk hiding?

Sleeping in class is not allowed.

Do you eat salads?

A crowd soon gathered around the fire engine.

I found it easy to fix the problem.

She lived to be ninety.


I won't cry anymore.

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Philip is writing a novel.

I think I'm going to turn in early.

Marian jumped out of the helicopter.

I'd like to send this package by registered mail.

Vince may not be the only one who knows what happened.

A fortune teller once told Christopher Columbus that he would become a famous man. Columbus, in turn, got angry and demanded his money back - claiming that even a child could state something so obvious.

Marie helped her mother decorate the Christmas tree.

He who knows does not speak, he who speaks does not know.

You don't know how much this means to me.

He was lying there with his legs tied together.

Oscar has so many friends that he can't remember all their names.

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This test will gauge your reading comprehension.

He's at a loss how to make ends meet.

Put on my eiderdown coat. That'll be better.

I want to rent a car.

Do you really think you can run as fast as me?

Janice seems to be unwilling to accept the bribe we're offering him.

Why would anybody kidnap Daren?


I don't care who your father is. You still have to follow my orders.

You understand what I'm saying, don't you?

Julius said he was ready to face a tough challenge.

You might want to go there by yourself.

China is working to modernize its weapons program.

What's done is done.

I'll blame it all on him.


The store was not a big one, was it?

It is difficult for foreigners to get used to Japanese food.

We succeeded in breaking the door open after trying for half an hour.


I must give back the book to him by tomorrow.

Where do you want these suitcases?

Let's discuss this later.


Have you found Kristen?

Rajiv is coming to Boston tomorrow.

She holds a senior position in the government.

Teresa won't lie for you anymore.

She's always like that.

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May I open the box?

Frankly speaking, this novel isn't very interesting.

Does anyone have some liquid paper?


This meeting room is small.

What's the second most visited city in the world?

Why don't you help her?

Terri understood what Alison meant.

I'm a truck driver.

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It's what we agreed on.

In one single square kilometre of Borneo woodland have been found as many species of trees as exist in all of North America.

France should be full.

I think Andrew is concealing something from me.

Old favors are soon forgotten.

Last night's storm washed out the road.

Tuna appealed to his mother to buy a new toy for him.

That was a sign.

Grant is thickheaded.

Finally the snow melted.

Jane grew taller than her mother.

I should've done that, but I didn't.

When did you go to Kyoto with your sister?

Here is the newest magazine.

I don't see any reason for it.


This cat is eating.

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I need to ask a few more questions.

Why can't you answer any of my questions?

All the world wishes to have peace.


Every year we pay 100 euros to this association.

Give me a call tomorrow.

I was just about to go to bed when he phoned me.

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Who will you eat dinner with tonight?


Would you please do me a favor?

I believe that we found the problem.

I would like to see Alfred once more.

If you had known, you would have told me, wouldn't you?

I owe my success to your help.

Where exactly did you see Jon?

I bought eggs, meat, vegetables, and what not.

A footballer, who had two cervical vertebrae broken in a tackle last week, may never walk again.

How can video games inspire us to make better applications for e-learning?

I would like shoes like that.

I wasn't hired.

Kristin was never unkind to me.

Only your stubborn opinions have to be listened to.

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Keep it down, Ahmed.

Owen doesn't get along with his father-in-law.

Pia told us that he knew the risks.

Sorry for calling you at this hour.

He admitted John yesterday.

I had to make you trust me.

Ed is doing his homework now.

Don't tell her just yet.

I still don't have my homework done.


My grandmother left us a great fortune.

This is going to be a long night.

You'll be arrested.

We just want to be loved.

After school, I go to an English school to practice English conversation.


Did you know that his wife was cheating on him with the milkman?

I am not a Canadian.

I was working with her.


Betty has more friends than Gypsy.

I wonder who'll be helping us tomorrow.

If you don't want to get married, you don't have to.

We're really, really fast.

I have just returned from Britain.

This movie is one of my all-time favorites.

Christie took a big sip.

I'm sure Marlena has other things to do.

Sofoklis invited Stewart out to lunch.

Everyone thinks the same thing.

That's real nice.


Apart from the result, your intention was good.

Kathleen glanced round the bedroom.

Marvin answered the question.

I accepted the offer.

Can you get her?

He was strict in disciplining his children.

There were ten accidents in as many days.

It's not all sunshine and kisses.

Tell us what to do next.

Can I tell her why?

No one knows how to fix this problem.

I study English on Monday and Friday.

It won't be much longer now.

It's high time the children went to bed.

I never do that.


Gordon has lost his motivation to work.


Tanaka has said that he got up this morning around eight o'clock.

I was just thinking the same thing.

That was an awkward moment.

Who else knew about him?

Where there is music there is joy.

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Do the police know about this?


Cathryn didn't say how many people were at his party.

Strawberries are expensive in the winter.

This coffee is too strong for me.

Deb broke up with her two days later.

Have you ever heard of the Loch Ness monster?

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That was all right.


I haven't seen Rick since he returned from New Zealand.

We meet sometimes at the shop.

Activists chained themselves to bulldozers in a bid to stop a mining company clearing a forest to get access to undeveloped coal deposits.

Himawan laughed out loud.

I gave them one thousand yen each.

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You said you loved them.

We're going home by car.

Amedeo doesn't know what he really wants.

Mr. Smith went out to get lunch.

I don't think Guido did anything.


I wish you a beautiful weekend!

I don't give a shit what "indifference" means.

An endless flow of tears fell from her eyes.

I'm a very busy person.

My dog ate my homework.

He has submitted to an operation.

I love bananas.

Baseball players should allow for the wind in catching a fly.

Did I mention I have dinner plans with Jiri?